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Our goal is to enhance the Cardano Network adoption through educational creation content, and also contribute to secure and decentralize the Cardano Network.

Charity Initiatives

About Us

Educational Content Creation

Our guide is the certainty that those who know the ecosystem fall in love with Cardano, therefore our mission is the creation of educational content.

Community Contributions

BrazilPool SPO is an active member of Project Catalyst (Proposer, Community Advisor, Voter, I contributes to Catalyst School and Catalyst Swarm, Cardano Translator, and Moderator).

Vision: cardano is the future

We believe Blockchain Cardano’s cutting-edge technology will play a central role in the economy and social relations of the near future.

NFT Artists Support

Visit the NFTs gallery of the artists we support! #SupportNFTartists

Charity Initiatives

Our Charity Initiatives aim to bring the cardano community together in order to find solutions on how to improve the quality of life in Brazilian underprivileged communities through Cardano’s breaking edge technology. Open-source project: Participate!

Note to Cardano Community

DELEGATORS: We appreciate your support and let you know that we are not yet distributing rewards. If you are interested in rewards and want to support a single stakepool operator, please delegate to: cardano.24 | ticker: ADA. We’ll let you know when that changes. Thank you.


We are an independent cardano stakepool, operated by a Brazilian with passion for Cardano who wants to help enhance the brazilian Cardano community.


The Cardano Network requires decentralized servers (nodes) to validate each protocol transaction. This validation is performed by the stakepool network.

High availability. Safe. Secure.

BrazilPool has a robust stake solution: high performance, fully automated and secure servers, monitored 24/7.

0% fee

BrazilPool supports the mission and objectives of Cardano becoming the world’s most used blockchain solution.

Cardano Blockchain

Cardano provides a scalable, efficient, decentralized means for companies and individuals to build and govern DAPPS, systems and societies of unparalleled security in a sustainable way.

Charity Initiatives

We did an experiment to seed Cardano and seek solutions in the protocol itself to help underprivileged communities.

The experiment intend to visit to the Anchieta Community, Sao Paulo, Brazil in order to get to know this community. We also propose a Challenge to the Cardano community on how can Cardano’s technology improve the quality of life in underserved communities? Contribute with your ideas.


Our Team

Cauê Chianca

Cauê Chianca


Graduated in Administration and Law, BrazilPool’s SPO has an active participation in the Cardano community.

Rico Lins

Rico Lins

Head of Charity

With Administration, Finances and Photography backgrounds, @RicoLinsNFT joined BrazilPool’s team to bring and develop NFT projects as well as to oversee the stakepool’s charity initiatives.

SPO's Proposals

Portuguese onboarding Video Series

Fund7/ 2021

  • Educational Content
  • In portuguese
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Projeto Catalyst Overview

The Catalyst School | LATAM

Fund7/ 2021

  • Educational Content
  • In Portuguese and Spanish
  • Workshops
  • Content Creation
  • Events
  • Projeto Catalyst Overviews

Mini Proposal Workshops

Fund7/ 2021

  • Educational Content
  • Mini Proposal Workshops
  • Onboarding
  • Catalyst Process
  • Open-source learning
  • Support

LATAM - Town Hall

Fund7/ 2021

  • Comunidade latinoamericana
  • Relacionamento em líguas locais
  • Eventos Semanais
  • Dar Notoriedade ao Projeto Catalyst
  • Faciliar o Ingresso no Catalyst
  • Integração dos participantes