Visit to Comunidade Anchieta

Visit to Comunidade Anchieta

In a conversation, MariaCarmo from the @MariaCarmo369 channel told BrazilPool SPO that she would like to make a donation to contribute to the fight against starvation in Brazil. From there, BrazilPool began to have in its team as head of the charity initiatives Rico Lins @RicoLinsNFT, who suggested that the donation from the @MariaCarmo369 channel should be destined to the Comunidade Anchieta and in the delivery of food a preliminary visit was made to understand how to show the Cardano community what is the situation of families in the underprivileged communities in Brazil.

The donation of funds [$ADA 500], was fully converted into food;

BrazilPool has donated the operationalization of food delivery and visits to the underprivileged community [$ADA 250].

The funds donated allowed the purchase of:

- 300 packets of salted crackers

- 300 packets of sweet cookies

- 811 Liters of Milk

- Families benefited: 200

- Each family received: 3 liters of milk and packets of crackers/cookies

- Exceeding goods were stored by the local community association for later distribution to families that couldn’t attend the distribution.

From this visit, we propose the challenge to the Cardano community:

How can Cardano’s technology can improve the quality of life in underprivileged communities?

Contribute with your idea!

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